//Yami - 20 - British - Certified autistic//


i swear im alive,,,,

im just waiting for the tumblr importer to be implemented :')


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Michael Afton is a bad babysitter (separate images under the read more)


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For the HTTYD contest on DA that I doubt I'll win :')


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stabby rabbit


Text: "i found my guitar, now reach for the stars, as i plunge it through your heart"

suggested by @goldie-ghost !


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goldie-ghost asked:

Quote suggestions: Rockstar Bonnie''s "I found my guitar, now reach for the stars as I plunge it through your heart!" or Withered Bonnie's "You blinked." (i,, rly love the bonnie ahh)

oooo!! i feel like rockstar bonnie's would be a fun one :O!!

and dw ur valid as heck bonnie is a good bab

so i just found out that i goofed up the speedpaint and accidentally made it shorter than its supposed to be :c

so im just gonna export it correctly, repost it on yt, and then update all my links :')

vii asked:

i haven't played/watched UNC so i don't have a suggestion but i DID want to ask which is your favourite animatronic!! o: mine is....... mangle.

mangle is such a good bab!!!

i think my favourite animatronic would be funtime freddy/helpy c:

springtrap is also good!! just take away the stinky man inside >:c

what a funky little puppet


Text: "I am the fearful reflec-ction of what you have c-created."


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I guess I'll do a lil intro??


Howdy! Y'all can call me Yami, I'm 19, and I draw mostly pokemon/pmd stuff??


I pretty much found this website from a Tumblr post so,,, I guess I'll see how this one plays out :')

here are some examples of my stuff: